I am a professional photographer born in São Paulo, growing old in Vienna and operating in the fields of architecture, still-life and environmental portraiture (where subjects are depicted in environments that add significant detail to the photograph).
I hold more than a decade of experience and have also an interest for the sciences, the performing arts and fine art reproduction besides occasionally photographing for curriculums and composites - in the studio or on location.
Also a Bachelor in journalism, I'll be happy to engage in comprehensive assignments, like the documentation of people, places and processes over longer than typical periods of time.
It is still worth to mention that I might be available for cooperation in personal projects or worthy causes that hold limited resources – or none at all – to afford for professional photography. Write me an e-mail.
Thank you so much for taking the time,
Caio Kauffmann - Berufsfotograf (WKO Österreich)
Firmensitz: Hetzendorferstrasse 99/1/4, 1120 - Wien, Austria
+43 650 743 6542
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